Hurdlr’s API allows FinTechs, banks, and other platforms to easily provide their users (individuals, freelancers, self-employed individuals, LLCs, LLPs, and S Corporations) with tax estimates, financial statements, invoicing functionality, and other key pieces of financial functionality that are critical to their userbase’s needs.

Everything Hurdlr’s API provides is fully white-labeled, so that the FinTech, bank, or other platform owns the user experience.

Our API documentation includes sample use cases and code snippets, so that a software engineer or developer can integrate the Hurdlr API in a day. With that being said, our dedicated API team is available to help hone your use cases, provide UX guidance based on our experience with the Hurdlr app, and walk you through the coding process. Simply email us at api@hurdlr.com.

API Credentials

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Tax Engine Express

The best starting place with the Hurdlr API is with Tax Engine Express, even if only to see the API in action before committing resources to a full integration.

Tax Engine Express lets you provide your users with tax estimates, with one simple API call.

Hurdlr supports tax estimates in the United States and Canada, for both federal and all state/provinces. See the latest updates to Hurdlr’s Tax Engine on our Tax Updates / Status page.

Next Steps

  1. Generate a Schedule C or T2125
  2. Initiate a Tax Filing
  3. Help your user Find Deductions


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Hurdlr Profit & Tax Engine API
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