Hurdlr is a mobile app for independent workers, freelancers, and solopreneurs to manage their finances in seconds.

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Hurdlr Acquires Direct Selling Independent Business Owners App

‘Not sexy,’ but needed: Hurdlr wins Realogy FWD
Hurdlr automatically tracks your expenses, deductions and taxes for you.
If you're making money on the side...Hurdlr is a great app for you.
Apps such as Hurdlr automatically manage [taxes] for you...
The app for independent contractor financial management will be tweaked for real estate agents
Seamlessly integrated Hurdlr with TaxEdge brings tremendous value to our customers...
Alleviate your frustration by making...taxes easy for self-employed entrepreneurs
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Independent Workforce Growth

Freelance workers are on the rise

Close to 60M people freelanced this year. Within a decade, the majority of our workforce will freelance. People are increasingly relying on multiple gigs and income streams to meet their financial goals.

Despite this growth, most workers in the 1099 Economy don't know what their tax obligations are, and therefore don't know how much money they actually take home. Most are also not aware of all of the tax deductions that apply to them and how to properly track business expenses (in case of audit), effectively lowering their take home pay.

Market Change & Opportunity

The 1099 Economy is exploding

The freelance workforce is growing rapidly and adapting quickly in a fast-changing economy.With the massive growth of mobile, freelancers have the ultimate need for speed, mobility and flexibility.

Hurdlr believes being a worker in the 1099 Economy has many benefits for those seeking the ultimate level of flexibility. Hurdlr provides these workers with helpful information and a single, powerful app they can use to make their work more "profitable," to maximize their take home pay, and to easily make more money. Our mission is to simply make independent workers' lives more rewarding.

Kindred S.
UBER Driver

I love that once you’ve setup your account the app automatically calculates how much tax you have to pay.

Ian A.
Grow my revenue

Don't manage a small business without it. This tool masterfully brings all of your accounts and finances onto your smartphone with point and click ease.

John W.
Airbnb Host

As an Airbnb host, Hurdlr is intuitive and responsive and has become an integral component of my rental business.

Ellen H.

Almost too easy! I tagged expenses after I went to bed! This is what I've been missing.

Brandon G.
realtor® at kw
capital properties

To understand our net profitiability usually requires a bookkeeping resource or something like QuickBooks...not anymore. Now, we actually have an app for that.

Prior Success

Raj and Anu, co-founders of Hurdlr, previously worked together at VisualHOMES, a real estate software platform that managed over 1 million residents and hundreds of thousands of residential housing units for subsidized housing programs across North America. Raj was CEO and Anu was Director of R&D. In August 2010, VisualHOMES was acquired by Yardi Systems, a global leader in real estate software solutions.

After spending a decade building systems that continue to help citizens in need, Raj and Anu turned their attention to another underserved group of individuals — entrepreneurs — many of whom can create real value for their communities if given the right tools to help them succeed.

The two created Hurdlr, filling the huge void between manual spreadsheets and complex small business accounting systems, neither of which were truly designed for the speed and mobility needs of modern entrepreneurs.

Raj Bhaskar
CEO, Co-founder
Anu Bhaskar
CTO, Co-founder
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