Virtual Bookkeeping designed for independent Real Estate Agents

Get your time back, so you can grow your business and enjoy your life more!

Pass the baton to Hurdlr Gold. Hand your accounting off to our team, and we’ll send your monthly financials to you each month.

Hurdlr Gold’s human-assisted virtual bookkeeping includes:

  • Live, one-on-one virtual onboarding session with a Hurdlr team member
  • Our team performs a monthly reconciliation for you each month
  • Our team sends your monthly financials to you each month
  • Our team sends your detailed Tax Report to you at the end of the year
    (you can simply provide it to your tax filer)

Exclusively for independent real estate agents that are members of Hurdlr-partner organizations, are unincorporated, and do not have payroll.




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Are you still debating whether this is for you?

Ask yourself a few simple questions:

  1. Did you become a real estate agent so you could do your own bookkeeping?
  2. How much do you enjoy doing your own bookkeeping?
  3. How much time do you spend staying on top of your finances every month?
  4. Are you ready to hand this off to pros who understand your needs?
  5. Do you know that real estate agents have, on average, over $10K in annual tax deductions?
Rest assured, the Hurdlr Gold service is tax deductible.