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Top 3 Reasons Why People Choose Hurdlr

Hurdlr's business expense tracking uses Artificial Intelligence

Both Hurdlr and Expensify are excellent for tracking business expenses, but Hurdlr's innovative use of Artificial Intelligence that automatically learns your spending habits and categorizes them for you is a key reason why more people choose Hurdlr as their business expense tracker.

Hurdlr's automatic mileage tracker is truly automatic

Do you also want to track mileage? If you need to track mileage, or could benefit from this in the future, then without a doubt Hurdlr is the better choice for you, as its mileage tracker has automatic drive detection, which means you don't have to press start and stop like you would need to do with Expensify. Hurdlr's automatic mileage tracking will save you more time and money, and make tax deductions or expense reimbursements a breeze.

Hurdlr provides live, mobile chat support

Get help when you need it, especially on the road. Only Hurdlr provides mobile in-app chat, and our user reviews often speak highly about our customer service.





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To learn more about Hurdlr's automatic tracking features, check out the FAQs at Hurdlr University
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