Hurdlr vs QuickBooks

See why more people choose Hurdlr.

Top 3 Reasons Why People Choose Hurdlr

Hurdlr is designed for business owners, not accountants

Both Hurdlr and QuickBooks Self-Employed are excellent for tracking your business finances and taxes, but Hurdlr is specifically designed for entrepreneurs like you that wear many hats.  A key reason why more people choose Hurdlr for automating their business expense tracking is that it’s simple, powerful and fast, but without the accounting jargon and complexity that QuickBooks is known for.

Hurdlr is more affordable for budding entrepreneurs

Just getting started? Getting a handle on your expenses and keeping your costs low is a top priority, and Hurdlr’s got your back on this. While many people get value out of our free version, most entrepreneurs choose our Premium version, which comes out to only $8.34 per month on our annual plan. Unlike some alternatives like QuickBooks, we don’t charge you more money as you grow your number of transactions tracked.

Hurdlr provides live, mobile chat support

Get help when you need it, especially on the road. Only Hurdlr provides mobile in-app chat, and our user reviews often speak highly about our customer service.

To learn more about Hurdlr's automatic tracking features, check out the FAQs at Hurdlr University
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