Embedded accounting, from invoicing to income taxes, and everything in between.

Embedded accounting, from invoicing to income taxes, and everything in between.

Increase customer retention, boost revenue, and empower your small business customers to sustain and grow with our embedded accounting solutions and more.

1.2 million


SPs, LLCs, LLPs,
S Corps & C Corps


$39 billion



Proven Products

Hurdlr’s Embedded Accounting offers the following built-in financial solutions, which can be mixed and matched according to your needs:

Invoicing, Payments & Reconciliation

Complete and customizable full-stack solution with native payments integrations, collections and automatic bank reconciliation.

Business Expense Tracking

Comprehensive business expense management with automated business categorization, tax categorization, and rules engine.

Financial Statements

Robust Income Statement (P&L), Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Trial Balance, etc. in various formats (i.e., HTML, PDF, XLS, JSON).

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Built on our double-entry general ledger backbone, it supports cash basis, modified cash basis, and accrual basis accounting methods.

Income Taxes

Real-time federal and state income tax estimates, for all 50 states and D.C., as well as tax reporting documents and filing.

Superior Approach

Hurdlr’s user-friendly Embedded Accounting is an end-to-end platform that allows you to simplify complex accounting tasks for your customers.

Holistic Suite

Suitable for all entity types, it reduces the need for separate accounting software.

Unified General Ledger

All transactions are automatically reconciled, enabling valuable real-time core financial reporting.

API-first Approach

Seamlessly integrate accounting functions into existing platforms or applications.

Comprehensive Solutions

The Hurdlr Engineering and Customer Success teams offer you enterprise-grade service and support.


We customize every touchpoint to mirror your brand’s existing identity while you still own the entire user experience.

UI Components

Flexibility to build your own bespoke experience for your customers, direct to our API, without starting from scratch.

Speed to Market

Implementation only takes weeks to complete, including the custom white-labeling and QA review that we provide.

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