New Revenue Opportunities From Embedded Accounting

A Roadmap for Vertical SaaS Providers and Digital Platforms That Serve Small Businesses (SMBs)

New Revenue Opportunities From Embedded Accounting

Small Business Survey

"In our independent survey of 750 small business owners and executives, 79% indicated they would be more likely to select an industry-specific software provider if it integrated all accounting functions (i.e. bookkeeping, invoicing, expense management, financial reporting, income tax services) into one application."  

- Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer, Cornerstone Advisors


Table of Contents

  • Why a Report on Embedded Accounting?
  • The Digitization of Small Business
  • Developments in the Digital Platforms and Vertical SaaS Markets
  • The Growth of the API Economy
  • Why This Report? The Intersection of Three Trends
  • 2. Small Businesses' Accounting Burden
  • Technology and Tool Support for Accounting
  • Accounting and Financial Management: A Pain for Small Businesses
  • The Accounting Opportunity for Vertical SaaS Providers
  • 3. Creating New Revenue Streams from Embedded Accounting
  • Embedded Accounting with White-Label APIs
  • Embedded Accounting: First Step to a Banking Relationship
  • 4. Embedded Accounting: Growth Opportunity for Vertical SaaS and Digital Platforms
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