Hurdlr’s Accounting, Bookkeeping & Income Tax API makes it easy for your company to seamlessly embed these features into your platform using our proven SDKs and APIs.

It also gives you the flexibility you need to mix and match Hurdlr products in order to create the integrated, company-branded experience you desire.
And, all of our products are backed by our highly rated enterprise-grade support.

Income Taxes

Hurdlr supports a comprehensive set of proven income tax features and functionality for individual consumer and self-employed business owner customers that have gigs, freelance, invest, or have formed LLCs, LLPs, and S corporations. Trusted by thousands of accountants, virtual bookkeepers, tax preparers, banks and Fintech platforms, Hurdlr makes it easy for you to provide your users with income tax estimates, reporting, filing, and payments, with support for many different income streams, expenses, and tax profiles.

Business & Tax Categorizations

Data enrichment categorizes bank transactions into business categories specific to users’ businesses and into tax categories specific to the individual’s or business entity’s tax forms.

Deduction Finder

Accurately identifies valuable tax deductible business expenses from your users’ personal expense transactions by leveraging Artificial Intelligence based on behavior from 700k+ users as well as CPA best practices to “uncommingle” your users’ finances and capture eligible tax savings.

Income Tax Estimates

Real-time federal, state and self-employed income tax calculations for individuals, sole proprietors and all pass-through entity types, including S Corporations, LLCs and LLPs, with support for all 50 states and D.C. in the U.S., and all provinces in Canada.

Tax Reporting & Forms

Generates specialized tax forms including the IRS Form 1040 Schedule C and Schedule E, Form 1065, Form 1120-S, amd Form 1120, as well as the CRA T2125.

Tax Filing & Payments

Comprehensive, end-to-end digital income tax filing and payments for federal and state taxes in the U.S., including support for people with a diverse set of income streams, as well as self-employed.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Hurdlr’s platform allows you to launch your own virtual bookkeeping business or embedded accounting features within days, with QuickBooks like functionality, but without the costs. You also get the flexibility to customize and white-label to meet your specific business needs and build your own brand. Hurdlr’s proven platform is used by hundreds of accountants, virtual bookkeepers, tax preparers and Fintech platforms to efficiently service thousands of self-employed and small business clients.

Income & Expense Tracking

Robust income and expense tracking with automatic business categorization specific to users’ businesses that also leverages proprietary AI to suggest automated rules that further reduce reconciliation time.


Fast and easy invoicing with automated payments and reconciliation, designed for small business owners and contractors. Robust features on par with the best invoicing software.

General Ledger & Chart of Accounts

Automatic double-entry accounting, with every income, expense, invoice, tax payment, payroll, etc. having the proper debit and credit transactions tracked.

Accountant Dashboard & Bank Reconciliation

Centralized and secure portal to easily access your clients’ reports and accounts, quickly perform periodic bank reconciliations, and create new clients.

Core Financial Reports

Comprehensive financial reporting, including Income Statement (P&L), Balance Sheet and Trial Balance provide the important metrics your clients need to succeed.
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Hurdlr unlocks the ability to provide your customers with fully-branded bank accounts and cards, with Hurdlr’s Accounting, Bookkeeping and Income Taxes features built-in. Through our deep integrations with our banking partners, we eliminated any need for development on your end and drastically reduced your compliance requirements, cutting your time to market by months. Our turnkey “bank in a box” solution is perfect for companies that want to retain their existing customer bases or grow new ones by offering their own banking products to small businesses or self-employed individuals like freelancers or home-based business owners.

Freelance Banking

From gig workers and independent contractors to professional freelancers and microbusiness owners, this targeted solution helps these people “uncommingle” their business income and expenses from their personal accounts, so they can see their true business profitability and plan for self-employed income taxes.

Small Business Banking

Comprehensive “bank in a box” solution with the automated Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Income Tax features that SMBs need, achieving the long sought after small business owner’s dream of having everything in one place.
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