The Ultimate 2021 Self-Employed Tax Guide

What You’ll Learn

  • Top 10 Business Expenses You Can Write-Off
  • How to Address Working from Home
  • Tax Filing Reports You Should Be Aware Of
  • And More...


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Why You Need to Stay on
Top of Self-Employed Taxes

Whether you’re a part-time side hustler, full-time freelancer, or small business owner, this guide is for you. The information inside will help you understand your tax obligations and leverage the deductions you’re eligible for so you can maximize the profit potential of your gig, work and business.

Table of Contents

  1. Are You Self-Employed?
  2. What is Self-Employment Tax?
  3. Top 3 Reasons You Need to Track Your Finances
  4. Top 10 Business Expenses You Can Write-off
  5. Do You Meet With Prospects and Clients?
  6. Do You Use Your Personal Vehicle for Business?
  7. Do You Work From Home?
  8. Do You Need to Pay Taxes Quarterly?
  9. Top 4 Tax Filing Reports You Should Be Aware Of