Income Streams

Hurdlr's Tax Calculations API makes it easy for you to provide your users with income tax estimates, based on their many different incomes streams, including:

  1. Self-employed (1099) income, with separate P&Ls and Schedule Cs for each stream
  2. Business (K-1) income, from pass-through entities like LLCs, LLPs, and S Corporations
  3. Investment income, including short-term capital gains, long-term capital gains, qualified dividends, etc.
  4. Ordinary W-2 income

There are several different ways to connect your user's income streams to the Hurdlr API, including via a Plaid integration. Please reference our Income Streams API documentation for detailed instructions on feeding your user's income data into Hurdlr's API.

Once your user's income data has been interfaced with the Hurdlr API, you can immediately start pulling tax estimates from Hurdlr's Tax Calculations API.