Data Lakes

Many FinTechs, financial institutions and other platforms have built (or are building) bespoke analytics/reporting solutions for various proprietary use cases. If your enterprise likes to leverage large analytical data, the Hurdlr API has you covered via its Data Lakes product.

1. How it works

Of course, Hurdlr allows you to access all the data that is available for your users in the API. But, Hurdlr takes this concept several levels further by periodically uploading raw data to your own Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage bucket.

Then, you can pull that data into the warehouse of your preference (e.g. Snowflake, Stitchdata, etc.), eliminating the need for your data team to build direct connections to the Hurdlr API, and allowing your team to work in the data stack that they are used to.

The data is structured such that your team can perform any analysis necessary to meet your team's goals.

2. Getting started

To set up your own cloud storage bucket to receive Hurdlr API data, simply follow the instructions for each of our Data Lake options below:

A. Amazon S3 Data Lake
B. Google Cloud Storage Data Lake