Embeddable User Interface (Report Dashboard)

If you want to get up and running quickly with a proven financial report dashboard that matches your colors, fonts, and branding, then the Embeddable User Interface is your best bet.

1. Initializing the SDK

To initialize the Hurdlr SDK in your project, follow the instructions on Embedding Hurdlr's white-labelled UI.

2. Adding the Report Dashboard to your app

To render the Report Dashboard, you will need to provide the elementId parameter, which is the HTML id of the main <div> where you would like the Report Dashboard to render. When your user taps on your "Reports" navigation CTA, you simply need to invoke the following line of javascript:

Hurdlr.renderScreen(elementId, 'reportDash');

3. Customizing the UI to match your branding

Hurdlr's API team can quickly customize the UI to match your branding. Please follow the instructions on Customizing the embedded UI to match your branding.

Some examples of customized experiences are shown below:

4. Modifying the list of reports

If you'd like to alter or re-order the list of reports being shown, you can do so by populating a reports array within the options object as follows:

Hurdlr.renderScreen(elementId, 'reportDash', { reports: [

The reports array can contain any of the following values:

ValueReport Name
Hurdlr.reports.profitAndLossProfit & Loss
Hurdlr.reports.revenuesByBusinessBusiness Income by Business
Hurdlr.reports.revenuesByClientBusiness Income by Client
Hurdlr.reports.revenueListIncome Details List with Receipts
Hurdlr.reports.personalRevenuesPersonal Income
Hurdlr.reports.expensesByBusinessBusiness Expenses by Business
Hurdlr.reports.expensesByCategoryBusiness Expenses by Category
Hurdlr.reports.expensesByClientBusiness Expenses by Client
Hurdlr.reports.expensesByVendorBusiness Expenses by Vendor
Hurdlr.reports.expenseListExpense Details List with Receipts
Hurdlr.reports.personalExpensesByCategoryPersonal Expenses by Category
Hurdlr.reports.personalExpensesByVendorPersonal Expenses by Vendor
Hurdlr.reports.recurringVendorsTotal Expenses from Recurring Vendors
Hurdlr.reports.balanceSheetBalance Sheet
Hurdlr.reports.cashFlowStatementCash Flow Statement
Hurdlr.reports.trialBalanceTrial Balance
Hurdlr.reports.agedAccountsReceivableAged Accounts
Hurdlr.reports.scheduleCSchedule C
Hurdlr.reports.form1065Form 1065
Hurdlr.reports.form1120SForm 1120-S
Hurdlr.reports.form1120Form 1120
Hurdlr.reports.taxSummaryTax Details (for tax filing)

If you prefer for the list of reports to not be broken into sections, you can also set showSections to false:

Hurdlr.renderScreen(elementId, 'reportDash', { reports: [
], showSections: false});