Virtual Bookkeeping

Hurdlr's Virtual Bookkeeping platform can be used to run the core of your bookkeeping operation, making it easy for you to offer your own Virtual Bookkeeping service, without having to dedicate resources to build:

a) a seamlessly integrated back-end dashboard for your bookkeepers to provide service through, and
b) a custom branded client-facing interface for reporting and metrics

1. For bookkeepers

Hurdlr’s proven platform is used by hundreds of accountants, virtual bookkeepers, tax preparers and Fintech platforms to efficiently service thousands of self-employed and small business clients. With Hurdlr's Accountant Dashboard, your bookkeepers will be more efficient than previously imagined, with a thoughtful accountant-centric UX that was designed for bookkeeper efficiency when managing many clients.

Accountants can easily and securely perform bank reconciliation and generate/email reports without even needing to log into their clients' accounts. And, if needed, they can securely log into their client's account (e.g. to set up their bank link), and quickly switch between different clients without leaving the page (e.g. to quickly review each client's P&L).

Within minutes, you can launch your own Accountant Dashboard, with zero development required. See the Accountant Dashboard documentation to learn more.

2. For clients

When adding clients, either via the Accountant Dashboard or programmatically via API, your clients will be invited into a fully customized, white-labeled solution that is embedded into your product, so that you can build your own brand.

To learn more, see the Client Dashboard documentation.