Integrating Mixpanel

Many apps already leverage Mixpanel, to be able to leverage large analytical data, for measuring conversion rates and testing new UX iterations. Hurdlr lets you leverage your existing Mixpanel integration or add a new Mixpanel integration, so that you can iterate your product more successfully.

1. How it works

If you are using Hurdlr's embeddable user interface, you can easily leverage Hurdlr's Mixpanel integration to enhance the data showing in your Mixpanel instance. Actions that your users take inside Hurdlr's embeddable user interface will be tracked using Mixpanel events.

You can leverage those events to set up/view various funnels to analyze user activity and conversion rates, among other things.

2. Getting started

First, be sure to have created your own Mixpanel project. In your Mixpanel project dashboard, click on the settings cog in the top right header -> Project Settings -> Implement Mixpanel -> JavaScript. You will see some sample JavaScript, from which you will want to copy the parameter sent into the Mixpanel.init(...) function. This is called the project token.

Next, you will want to implement Hurdlr's embeddable user interface.

Finally, when making the Hurdlr.init({...}) call described in the above link, you will want to amend the data parameters to include: mixpanelProjectToken: "YOUR_MIXPANEL_PROJECT_TOKEN". Obviously, replace YOUR_MIXPANEL_PROJECT_TOKEN with the value of the project token attribute that you copied in the first step.

3. Identifying users (optional)

If you are identifying your user with Mixpanel using something different than the userId that you use to register your users with the Hurdlr API, then you will need to amend the data parameters passed into your call of Hurdlr.init({...}) to include a mixpanelUserId parameter that is set to said identifier.

3. Next steps

Whether you are building your own UX from scratch or have some existing functionality that you are looking to enhance, the Hurdlr API team is here to help. Don't hesitate to email us at [email protected], and we would be glad to help you understand how to analyze the events that are tracked via Hurdlr's Mixpanel integration. Leveraging Hurdlr's Customer Success team's experience with over 700k+ app users, we will help you fast-forward through the product iteration process.