Client-facing Dashboard

Hurdlr's Virtual Bookkeeping platform allows you to launch your own virtual bookkeeping business or embedded accounting features within days, with QuickBooks like functionality, but without the costs. You also get the flexibility to customize and white-label to meet your specific business needs and build your own brand.

1. User experience

Once you've invited your clients to your virtual bookkeeping platform, they will be brought into your product. If you don't already have a web dashboard for your client to log into, Hurdlr can provide you with a custom branded dashboard. And, if you already have a web dashboard for your clients, then Hurdlr's screens can be embedded into that product.

It's up to you which dashboards you'd like to make available to your client, and you can continuously add more as the use cases for your clients expand. Most importantly, your client will never know that Hurdlr is powering your system; they will only ever see your brand.

2. Embedding the Client Dashboard in your product

In the process of creating an account for your client, you will receive an access_token for your client. You can easily initialize and display any of Hurdlr's screens in your own product by following the instructions on embedding Hurdlr's white-labelled UI.

To authenticate your client, simply pass their access_token into Hurdlr.init({..}).

3. Customizing the UI to match your branding

Hurdlr's API team is here to help! Simply email [email protected] with the subject line "Custom Branded UI", and provide the following info:

a. Your brand's color palette, including hex codes
b. Screenshots of any existing UI designs that you have
c. Font packages used in your UI
d. Your logo, ideally as an SVG

Our API team will respond back within 5 business days with sample designs, which will be tied to your company's client_id, so that it is quickly available for you to start using.

4. Inviting clients to your client dashboard

Simply email [email protected] requesting API credentials for your company, and our team will securely share your client_id and client_secret keys. You can use those keys to create an account for your client. Be sure to store the user's access_token, so that you can use that to initialize the client dashboard (via the Hurdlr SDK) for your user in the future.

In order to send your own email invitation that links your user into your product, you should set the sendEmail flag to false when making the network call to create the account. Then, you can send your own invitation email from your own email provider.